Acne Causes: And Whether or Not We Can Prevent It

Acne Causes: And Whether or Not We Can Prevent It

As we grow up, pass those awkward teenage years and begin to grow more comfortable in our own bodies, we hope that our breakouts will disappear along with our teenage self-consciousness. But sometimes it doesn’t, and as an adult, it is all the more frustrating. In this article, we are going to discuss skin care tips, and the things that could be causing your acne.


In fact one of the most important factors, which can cause acne, is diet. This can be hard, but listen to your body. If you notice that when you eat certain foods and then notice an increase in the amount of breakouts you have, those foods could be causing it. Here are some foods that have been linked with causing blemishes: drinks with lots of caffeine, sugary foods, foods rich in carbohydrates, fatty foods, oily foods and foods cooked in vegetable oil or butter. If you are going to eat some of these, then do so in moderation.

To Wash or Not to Wash

Not washing your face or washing your face too often can actually cause acne as well. Usually dermatologists recommend that the face should be washed once to twice a day. Only wash your face more than that if it is strictly recommended by a dermatologist. Also when washing, be gentle with your skin. While it may seem counter-intuitive, scrubbing your face hard may actually make blemishes worse.


Popping, scratching or poking pimples is not good for your skin, because not only do you risk infecting the pimple, but doing this can also spread the oil and germs on your face, potentially cause even more breakouts. Also scratching/popping zits could make them bigger and potentially even cause them to scar, leaving you with a mark on your face long after the zit is gone. Also, be careful not to touch your face too much, because the oil and dirt from your hands is transferred to the skin of your face, which can cause the pores to become clogged and therefore causing more acne.


Certain causes of acne cannot be changed or prevented. Many times, especially for teenagers, women on their period and pregnant women, changing or fluctuating hormones cause blemishes. In some cases, stress can also upset the balance of hormones in our body, leading to breakouts.

Environmental Factors

While this is not something that many of us can help, air pollution can also increase the likelihood of acne or can make it worse. The dirt that develops in the air due to pollution is then exposed to the skin, potentially clogging the pores and causing breakouts. Also weather, such as humidity can cause an increase in blemishes, because it can make our skin oiler.

Hopefully the above mentioned acne tips and causes will prove as a helpful guide for you. And for even more ways to make your skin look great, check out our article on tips for beautiful skin. Want to learn more about how to keep one’s complexion looking youthful, then visit our post on younger looking skin.

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