Watermelon Nutrition Edamame Nutrition

Watermelon Nutrition  Edamame Nutrition

Fruit is good choice of menu, if you want to have healthier body and happier life. There’re many benefits that we can get from consuming food every day. Beside fruit taste delicious, your body will get all nutrition that it need from the fruit that you consume. Therefore, it’s important to add fruit in every meal that you have every day. For the fruit choice, there will be many. One of them is water melon. This fruit isn’t only delicious and fresh. But, there’re also has nutrition that you can get from it.

The first watermelon nutrition that you can get is the Vitamin. As we all know, watermelon has red color. And like other red colored fruit, this fruit also has Vitamin A. but, that’s not all.  Same with edamame nutrition , Watermelon also has other vitamin, like Vitamin B6, B1 and C. all of them is good vitamin for your body immune system as well as digest system. That means you won’t get easily sick, you will have healthy digest that make you get all energy that you need from the food that you eat and many more. Plus, the vitamin B6 and B1 can stimulate the production of serotonin hormone. And the serotonin hormone is the hormone that affects your feeling.

Therefore, we can say with this watermelonnutrition, this fruit also can help you to avoid panic and anxious feeling. It makes your mind calm and your body feel more relax. The watermelon isn’t only the vitamin. This fruit also has phytochemical lycopene, which is shown on the red color of this fruit. This watermelon has lot of benefit. But the main reason why this nutrition is the best nutrition that you can get is it can help you to prevent cancer and cardio vascular disease. These are only few of watermelon nutrition that you can get. And beside that nutrition, watermelon can be categorized as the fruit that has lot of water. Water melon has 92 percent water in it. Therefore, by eating it every day, it can help your body to get water that it need. That means you can always dehydrate with this fruit and the watermelon nutrition that it has make your body get all healthy vitamin and nutrition that can improve your body function.

The other important watermelon nutrition that you can get is the potassium. You can have two cups of watermelon and you will get 10 percent of potassium that your body need for one day.  This potassium will help you to prevent cramps. Therefore, it’s good watermelon that will help you that do sport. That’s not all. By having two cup of watermelon, you will get only 46 calories. Therefore, this fruit is good choice, if you want to replace one of your meats in your daily menu. To get all of these watermelonyou need to consume this fruit in right way. There’re many ways that you can choose to get all nutrition that your body need. You can eat it raw by slicing it, make juice from it or you can cook watermelon like you cook vegetable, which is stir fry.

This is important to consumed watermelon  fresh condition not be process like juice, cause sometime  if make juice watermelon’s fiber will reduce,One of fruit functional food is watermelon cause this fruit low calories,although low calories watermelon still have sweet delicious and lot water,I think this fruit very good for diet beside that no fat it means with no fat if we consumed this fruit metabolism process in our body better so can reduce over fat especially over at circumference, watermelon  rich betacarotene and vitamin C too, and you know beside tomato, watermelon nutrition  LYCOPENE very important for our body,all about lycopene can read at tomato nutrition,this is especially for men,cause watermelon nutrition very useul to increase fertility and increase men’s sexual feeling,so if men want to have child this fruit can consumed more.

beside watermelon many fruit have great nutrition like edamamenutrition have high protein or tomatonutrition have lycopene this nutrition very good for prevent many cancer

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