Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet

Thinking about taking up adult ballet? Whether you have always loved ballet and never tried it, or have studied dance previously, adult classes are available for those who wish to learn the art of ballet.

Finding the Right Ballet Class

If you’re asking, ‘am I too old to start ballet classes’?
The answer is no, you can begin ballet at any age, and whether you are a complete beginner, or have already had previous experience in ballet and are coming in at a more advanced level, there will be adult ballet classes to suit your skill level.

adult ballet

Ballet for adults can be both a way to stay, or get fit, as well as to learn the technique and skill of ballet. If you don’t fancy going to the gym, or are simply looking for a form of exercise that also involves moving to music, then ballet might be for you.

Adult classes are specifically designed for older students and are non-competitive. You may not be quite as fit or as flexible as you used to be and your class will be designed so as to improve both as well as stimulating both your body and mind. We know that you’re probably not looking for a career as a ballet dancer, but learning ballet as an adult can bring varied benefits.

Benefits of taking up ballet as an adult -

  • Lots of fun!

  • Great for fitness

  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Improves posture, co-ordination and grace

  • Connecting the body to music, artistic expression

One of the best things I''ve found about ballet and using it for exercise is the body sculpting and toning. Ballet exercises elongate your muscles giving your body a longer more graceful look than you would achieve by going to the gym or lifting weights. As you are using your own weight and resistance in the ballet class your muscle memory is enhanced as it is designed around music and will keep your body fit and healthy for longer.

If you are nervous about joining a class, ask the teacher if you can sit in on a class first. There you will be able to get the feel of the music, the type of teaching style and ask your body if it would like to move to the music by learning ballet at this school.
Your body will know.

And remember, nervousness and excitement can be easily confused and you may be surprised that you are not nervous at all, but excited about your new adventure in ballet. Have fun!

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