Sunday Lovin’

Sunday Lovin’

Awake at 7am on Sunday. My body truly is loving this early waking thing! I did the usual laying around in bed procrastinating and social media scrolling, this time by myself though because the boyfriend was at work. Then I made myself a delicious fruit platter for breakfast which had simply one mango and two plums.

We bought them off a man selling fruit out of the back of his truck on the side of the road. Weird? Probably. Delicious? Most definitely. And he was so ridiculously kind hearted too. Felt good to support him rather than “the man.” A.k.a every giant corporation out there that aims to squash the little guys.

Anyway, back to the fruit at hand. Best I’ve tasted in quite some time! I paired that with a mug of coffee and put 10 Things I Hate About You on the laptop. My morning was set!

Then I got restless didn’t I? I don’t know why I do this to myself, but as soon as I’m “relaxed” for a little while, my mind does this thing where it creates new ideas and thus new tasks for me to do. Even on Sundays. Sundays!!

But I couldn’t complain, because motivation, creativity and inspiration can sometimes be hard to come by (creative block anyone?). So when that train hits, I board it like an eager traveller ready for a ride! Today’s idea was writing a post on Apple Cider Vinegar, listing its benefits and trialling some uses for it too. So I got my little notepad out and started doing some research on it. I can’t wait to start my experiments this week and update you on how effective they were in my final post!

For lunch I made congee for the very first time. It was for my “14 Days of Self Love Instagram” challenge (check it out on my page @healthylittlehippie) and the theme for today was “Comfort Food” and I chose this because it holds so much fond memories of my family. Amazing how food can do that! It was a bit of simple recipe, using only the things I had on hand. It didn’t have all the finishings/toppings on it. So I’m going to try and cook it another day, completely from scratch (chicken stock and all) and share the recipe with you all then!

Most of my afternoon was spent tidying up the living area (I say area instead of room as we only live in a studio apartment which is just a fancy way of saying “one big room”) so we could set up our new 48 inch HD LED LCD TV. Yep, you read right. This is coming from a couple that has spent almost 3 years owning nothing but old hand me down TV’s (one came complete with a purple tinge on the picture). So as you can imagine, this was a huge upgrade for us “hippies.”

It was actually a belated Christmas gift from the boyfriends brother and his fiancé. Such a thoughtful and generous pair they are! I must admit, I do love it. I don’t have to squint when reading subtitles from bed now! And as it turns out, people’s faces AREN’T normally grainy and pixelated. I know, what a shock!

Now I just have to invest in a microwave and pay TV and I’m up to date with society….. HA! Just kidding. I’d rather be called a hippie than waste my money on such things.

The day is almost at an end now. I started writing this post when dinner was still cooking, and now dinner is long gone into our eager bellies and the boyfriend is currently washing up while I finish this off. We had a Sunday roast by the way, if you’re wondering! I cooked up 2 free range chooks, both rubbed with garlic butter and stuffed with wholemeal bacon stuffing. Half of one to be devoured tonight, the rest to be used throughout the week as lunches and dinners (great money and time saving idea)! I also served them up with roasted taters and zucchini and a side salad made of organic veg, soft goats cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. I can’t think of a better way to end my weekend, can you? Well, watching Beverly Hills Cop on the new flat screen couldn’t hurt too could it? ;).

Laura xx